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This is a diverse and inspirational book about fine art and poetry and will appeal to those who love life, nature, and creativity. There are forty-one poems, and each poem is illustrated by the poet by means of art and photography relative to a specific poem.

Art overflows into poetry. This book is a culmination of thoughts and feelings about life and nature through the process of creativity. Simply stated, the author becomes the flower, animal, landscape, etc., that is created on canvas. Thoughts and love become words hastily scribbled onto pieces of paper which evolves into poetry. The incredible order, detail, beauty, and perfection of creation are expressed through the author’s creativity.

By studying, painting, and writing about nature, the author has come to the unswerving realisation that the universe can only be attributed to the supreme intelligence of God, and just as He is capable of doing the impossible in nature, so too can He do the impossible in the lives of His greatest creation: mankind.





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